Barbara Sanders Holland


Our 2018 Diamond in the Midst

Born October 18, 1961 to the parentage of the late Rev. Walter Lee Sanders Sr. and Myrtle Sanders of Fort Worth Texas, Barbara was the third oldest of six children. She lived a life of service and dedication to both God and humanity. Despite the challenges present in her life, never once did she forget her responsibility to live as if tomorrow would never come. Barbara was active in the community, board member of several committees, business owner, philanthropist, survivor, mother, friend, worshiper....her life was a testament of who she was.

Despite battling cancer Barbara fought, won and fought some more until the very end. That fight has encouraged countless others to face the mountains of their lives with the expectation that God will put no more on us than we can bear and to always face trials head on. Barbara found solace in knowing she was surrounded by a team of dedicated professionals, willing family and friends, and a faithful God. The journey allowed her to move beyond her comfort zone and to see life for what it is “a precious gift”. Barbara would often say “It has not been easy, it has not been fun but it has been strengthening. I have grown and I appreciate life because it is ever so fleeting.”

Her life and legacy will continue to live on through the thousands of lives she touched while alive and even in her death.