Ms Kiki Allen

Hello, my name is Kiki Allen. I'm 27 years young and I have a genetic disorder called Gardner's Syndrome that has affected me in the same ways that cancer affects people. 

I was age 5 the first time we ran into trouble with my sickness. I developed a soft tissue tumor in my jaw which called for major surgery. Once I healed from surgery, I was good for a few years. The next tumor came at age 11, then age 14, then 22 which is when we started questioning my case. Genetic revealed the severity of my sickness and from there I learned that surgery only complicated things. I now have a tumor wrapped around my entire torso. It starts between my head and neck and wraps around and extends through my breasts. 

It is considered terminal because it is wrapped around major areas such as my trachea and my jugular vein. It doesn't spread to organs and attack them the same way that cancer does, but it does suffocate the area in which it grows.

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