Ms Ruby White

Ruby Jewell White is the oldest daughter of Samuel and Alma Thompson, an alumni of I.M. Terrell, Class of 1968.  Since the early 1980s, Ruby has been a faithful member of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX.

She is an honorary member of the Choir and Greeter's Ministry where she served for over thirty years until her health failed in 2015.  She enjoys going to church and outings with friends and family.  

Ruby is a well-rounded lady with a love for helping others. 


In 2009, Ruby was diagnosed with Lymph Node Leukemia. She was in remission until 2012.  However, on April 13, 2015, Ruby went to the emergency room where a mass was found on her pancreas. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on April 21, 2015.   She began chemotherapy 6 weeks after her diagnosis, followed by radiation treatments to target the mass, which subsequently was unsuccessful, even after a full treatment stage.

In June of 2016, another mass was found and had spread to her liver. She began a new round of chemotherapy. This time the treatments were aggressive and brought with it many long days and nights of sick spells.

After consulting with her doctors in August of 2016, the mass was still growing inside her body. At that time Ruby made the decision to stop her treatments. It was important for her to spend these last days enjoying her family and friends instead of taking the treatments which would prevent her from experiencing a normal happy life, 

free of the sickness that accompanies chemotherapy.

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